Let Us Return


Where have all the soldiers gone
Who said they’d fight in this war?
Given everything they need
The armor, shield, and sword

They volunteered to give their lives
They promised to obey
Out of many, few remain
And still more leave each day

What has worked to sap their faith
The many who have gone
Leaving one, or two or three
Faithful soldiers to carry on

Why this great shrinking back
From what we’re told to do
We are promised sufficient strength
To carry our mission through

The way we go is harder, true
We knew that from the start
But the benefits of this path
Include new life and stronger hearts

Let us return to the battlefield
Leaving where we have hid
Taking hold of promised strength
To fight as we once did

Maybe then, looking ‘round
Once again we’ll see
Many soldiers gathered there
To face the enemy.

– Michael Terry

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