Identity and Dreams

What is your image of yourself? Your concept of yourself determines your actions. If you consider yourself worthless, you will allow people and circumstances to knock you down and walk over you. If you believe you aren’t talented, you won’t develop the talents you have (and everyone has talent in something). If you think everyone and everything has value, you will work to defend that value. If you have the mindset that you are more important than everyone else, you will try to walk over them. Your concept of yourself determines your actions, and you alone determine it. Other people, or circumstances, can influence it, but in the end it is your decision.




(Photo by Garry Knight)




So how do we gain an accurate, positive image of ourselves that leads to beneficial actions? How do we have a self-concept that enables us to pursue our dreams, without degrading those around us? As a follower of Christ, I believe the first step is having a relationship with our Creator, who knows us better than we know ourselves. Without that relationship, we will pursue what we think we want. We will also have a skewed idea of what will fulfill us. With that relationship, we develop an accurate view of ourselves and those around us. Our dreams will change; some slightly and others drastically, to where they will fulfill us and benefit everyone. As the relationship deepens, our dreams will become more focused, more fulfilling, and more freeing.  Everyone’s dreams will be unique. They will never be something that goes against our deepest desires. Following them will lead to the most satisfying life possible. The choice is up to you. Will you join me on this adventure of pursuing our dreams?

Michael Terry

Michael is a follower of Christ, an Eagle Scout, and a graduate of the University of North Texas; a son, brother, and friend; a lifelong student and occasional teacher. He started writing in high school.

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  1. David C. Website

    Great thoughts. Reminds me of Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the LORD, and HE will give you the desires of your heart.”


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