It’s Not Too Late

If you are currently pursuing your dream, congratulations. You are a rare individual. Most people don’t know their dream, or have given up on it.

Some have been swindled, trading their dream for the illusion of safety, or approval, or affluence. Others have had their dream stolen by fear, lack of confidence, or some other factor.

If you are not actively pursuing your dream, I have good news. It’s not too late! As long as you are alive, as long as you can act, you can pursue your dream. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know precisely what your dream is. It doesn’t matter if you ignored your dream for ten, twenty, or even fifty years. Your dream is still there, still waiting for you to pursue it. It is an opportunity to affect the world that is uniquely yours; no one else could do it nearly as well. So start today! Discover your dream, and pursue it diligently. You will never regret it.

Michael Terry

Michael is a follower of Christ, an Eagle Scout, and a graduate of the University of North Texas; a son, brother, and friend; a lifelong student and occasional teacher. He started writing in high school.